Ladybird's Flight: 52 Week Illustration Challenge 2016

52 Week Illustration Challenge 2016

In the beginning...

Earlier this year I began the 52 Week Illustration Challenge.

I completed Week 1 and 2 but then life got away and I got "busy" I forgot to set time aside to do things that create joy and are self-caring.

So here are the first two week of the challenge and while I am not flying as fast as other in the challenge I am poised to fly again.

Week 1: Fancy Dress

This is the beginning of my journey. I haven't drawn for more than 8 years and seriously drawing for more than 13 years.

My painting was too large to scan so here it is as a photo. Plus a dew detailed images. I have use watercolour, watercolour pencils and 6B pencil to create this image.


This is my painting room desk while creating "Fancy Dress".

Week 2: Outdoors

This week I have drawn a child in the snow using coloured pencils and felt-tip pen, It is a smaller drawing than I usually draw, A5 paper. Some of the highlights are in a white pastel crayon.

Scanning the drawing has not shown the colours very well so I have had to darken the image to get a greater contrast. Next time I do a drawing with colour pencil I will need to apply the pigment in thicker layers.

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