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My Studio

My Studio in 2017

This is my current work space is where ever my inspiration takes me. I sometimes work outside on the balcony or on any table or desk that meets my needs. One down side to not having a studio anymore (2002-2016) is having to pack up at the end of my creating time. But I am creating more even though I don't have a dedicated space!

My studio on 1 January 2016
During 2002 to 2016 I had a dedicated studio space separate to the house we lived in . 

In 2016 I had hoped to re-begin my creative process again. My first step was to clean and organise my studio. I hadn't used this room for its intended purpose for around seven years. During that time I had relatives living in the space for more than 12 months and just never got around to setting it back up as a studio again. 

When we built the studio each of my rooms were designed for a specific purpose. I used to have a pottery room, painting room and sewing room. I didn't want clay particles to dust over my drawing and painting supplies. I also didn't want paint any where near my sewing fabrics.

In early 2016 I cleaned the pottery room and turned it into my painting room as it contained a sink and storage space. I organised my supplies of papers, books, pencils, paints, inks brushes etc. From another storage location I brought in my desk top easel and folders of my artworks. 

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