Ladybird's Flight: Cupcake Explorations

Cupcake Explorations


I have many cook books that sit on my selves and never be used. One in particular is Women's Weekly Cupcakes, Cheesecakes and Cookies. So I have have begun to cook the recipes and explore the techniques required to make these cupcakes. I have taken photos not just to show my creations but also to practise my photography.

Several weeks into this goal I found out that I needed to go gluten free and dairy free - at least cow products. So I stopped cooking for pleasure.

In the first week of April 2016 I had also decided to begin trying to change recipes to cater for my dietary needs because the substitutes especially in the paleo cook and gluten free cook books they tend to use banana and avocado which I also have allergies to.  

Then in the second week of April, the before my birthday, I was reading a blog about "Lull time" and then came across a Facebook post about self-care and decided that I could still cook anything I wanted just might not be able to eat everything I make.

Christmas Cake - Gluten Free
Just before Christmas I found a recipe while reading at the Hairdressers. The recipe is from Healthy Food Guide (December?) 2016, not currently on their website but here is a similar one on their website GF Christmas Cake.

Layer Cake
I recipe from " Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook" by Irena Macri.
Trying out Coconut yogurt for the first time.

Raspberry & Honey Chocolate Torte
I recipe from a different book " Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook" by Irena Macri.
Making cakes that I can eat while excluding; gluten, cow's milk, banana and avocado is not a easy task...BUT success at last! It was very moist and scrummy cake!

Lemon Pavlova Cupcakes 
While this recipe took a day to create due to the meringue topping I found it quite an easy cupcake to make. The cupcake has great flavour but is best eaten the day it is made because the cream begins to melt the meringue. I could make this just for the cake element.

Ice-cream Cone Cupcakes - I didn't make this one as they were to be constructed in ice-cream cones and I thought that was just a pain in the derrière! 

Honeycomb Cream Cupcakes
These didn't last too long but they are best eaten the day they are made because the violet crumble softens in the fridge. Wonderful flavour of the violet crumble, golden syrup with the bicarb of soda making a rich honeycomb flavour.

Pear Butterfly Cupcakes
This cupcake presented a challenge of creating the pear butterfly. I was happy with he result but need to master the technique of  drying the pear in the oven and then shaping into butterfly wings. Taste scrummy!

Veryberry Cupcakes
The first creation from the WW cookbook. It was a spontaneous decision to begin to make the cupcakes from the book beginning at the first recipe and going in though the book page by page. I didn't have all the ingredients so I substituted a few of the ingredients that made the cake a little dry but overall the flavour was good - they were eaten with gusto.

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