Ladybird's Flight: To take a day off from your life

Sunday, 9 April 2017

To take a day off from your life

I have been reading the book I don't have time: 15-minute ways to shape a life you love by Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas. And yesterday I finally did Experiment 1: Excuse yourself from your life for a day.

It was the perfect day to take out for myself. My son was at work and my husband was still away on a business trip. I still had our dog child but that was okay.

So first order of the day I made myself a breakfast of bacon and eggs followed by a very very long shower (thank goodness we don't run out of hot water...besides my husband is away so I used his whole day's allotment of hot water in one shower).

I decided that part of my day would involve baking something. Well cheats baking. In our cupboard I have had a Gluten Free Betty Crocker Brownie mix for over a month. I hadn't cooked it earlier because I needed to buy a new square baking tin (my previous one was retired when I moved house last year). I'm pleased that I did a quick and easy recipe so I didn't have to clean up the kitchen afterwards. I have to say that they did taste a little different than normal because they were G.F. but the chocolate hit the spot. 
Mmm chocolate must surely be compulsory on a day for yourself.


The next thing I wanted to do was enjoy the beautiful Canberra autumn day that presented itself. The sky was a little overcast but mostly sunny with a slight breeze in the air. I moved the furniture on the balcony to a position that I could fully appreciate the fine weather. I then treated myself by using my Royal Albert April tea cup, saucer and cake plate and my Duchess Tea Pot, because I deserve it. I then made myself a wonderful pot of Special Earl Grey tea with real tea leaves. 

I know that above there is a photo that includes Jay our dog and that I said that I couldn't see me blogging about him unless he was included in my work for some reason. Well here is Jay!

On my 11th floor balcony I had time to enjoy;
  • the book I am reading
  • and to listen to Janet Seidel's album Doris and Me
Following this my sister popped in for some tea/coffee, to eat the brownies and to have a chat.

The day was getting on but as I had no schedule, other than dog walks, I thought I'd go and get lunch at Parlour but it was closed :( Instead I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the new exhibition artist, Luke Chiswell. What a lovely young man. We talked about his art and the influences upon his art. 

This was followed by a late lunch 1:30pm at Twenty One Cafe where I had a scrummy lunch of chicken schnitzel. Another photo of things I don't usually blog about...a photo of my restaurant food.

I had a late afternoon walk around NewActon with Jay enjoying the last hour or two of the warm autumn weather. I took a few photos of the autumn colours and collected leaves for an artwork I am thinking about creating.


As it is a day just for me I had a short afternoon nap. In the early evening I played the piano badly including the songs; We've Got TonightGroovy Kind of LoveTake My Breath Away andBeauty and the Beast

At sunset I took some photos of the view from our balcony.
To finish off the day I watched the movie The Theory of Everything, the one about Stephen Hawking. All I can say is wow!

It was fabulous, freeing, relaxing day.


  1. How absolutely wonderful to see one of the experiments in our book in action!

    So glad you enjoyed every moment of your 'day away', Leanne. :-)

    Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma for inspiring such a wonderful day.

      I look forward to completing other experiments.

      Your book has come at the right time where I am taking 12 months off to explore my creativity and interests. I have been trying to do this for 15 years now. I am putting me first.

      Additionally thank you for being the first person to leave a comment on my blog.

      Cheers Leanne