Ladybird's Flight: Shake It Up Exhibition

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Shake It Up Exhibition

Shake It Up exhibition opening night at Nishi Gallery, New Acton.
Thought provoking art, great emcee Sheba Williams and a hilarious song from Yana Alana about a pussy with one life. 
Sheba Williams
Artists exhibiting in this exhibition include;
Sanne Kowlwmij, Franki Sparke, Josh Owen, Clare Jackson, Luke Chiswell, Mei Wilkinson, Eve Austin White, S.A.Adair, Amy Campbell, Sian Watson, Dionisia Salas, Cathy Laudenbach, Cole Bennetts and Jeanette Vonthethoff
Below is a sample of the artworks. 

 Hold Your Head Up by Luke Chiswell

 Reverb by S.A. Adair

Lampooned by Cole Bennetts and Jeanette Vonthethoff

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