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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Slide Photography and Art

Today I watched a program on ABC about using slides as part of art.
"First Person Kodachrome" by Andrew G. Taylor

It was interesting to watch how slides were part of Andrew's childhood. How slides documented the life of Andrew's parents, himself and his siblings. There are quite a few slides that my grandparents and parents took some that included me as a toddler. My sister who was born in 1980 felt left out as she didn't feature in this form of family history. In the mid 1990's my then boyfriend exclusively took slide film photos so we made sure to take some slide images of my sister so that she would feel that their was now a slide history of her too. My husband continued to take Kodachrome slide film images until processing the film started to become more difficult and he moved over to digital photography in after his last slide films were developed in May 2003.

Andrew's documentary explored how slide nights were used to showcase holidays. Then how he used slide images in creating new artworks. 

In the 1990's Andrew was asked a question why slide photography? His response is similar to my husbands, why not when I know that the quality is much higher than film?

I makes me wonder what exploring the use of this medium in art especially as Kodachrome ceased to process film in 2010. We recently disposed of our slide projector as it didn't work very well. Some of our slide collection has been digitised but this is a project that we now wish to complete.

This image is taken from my husband's first roll of Kodachrome slide film. He later had it developed into a A4 print to hang on his wall.

Hot Air Balloon by Mark Barrett

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